The donation of eggs with known identity allows future parents to know the origin of the gametes they receive and guarantees the child's right to identity.

Egg donation with open identity for future parents.

Donor selection

Choosing an egg donor is one of the most important parts of your journey to parenthood. You want to make sure that you give your baby the best possible start in life.
This may mean choosing an appropriate donor who meets certain established criteria, such as a history of previous donations, or issues related to the level of education, physical appearance, ethnicity and age of the donor. The medical criteria to choose it will also be very important.
To facilitate the selection, Lovely Donors will provide future parents with access to complete donor profiles, which include photographs, detailed information about their medical history, education, current occupation, among other elements.
And you can even communicate with them through a video call, making the process completely transparent.

Donation coordination

LOVELY DONORS will take care of all the logistical aspects of the donation, which depending on the case, will include:
-Delivery of complete profiles and photographs of the egg donor
-Facilitation of communication between the future parents and the donor
-Hiring of egg donors and facilitation of consent to donors.
-Support to future parents during the selection of donors and facilitation of reports.
-Coordination of medical and psychological evaluations to the donor.
-Coordination between the egg donor, the fertility clinic and the future parents.
-Coordination of travel, lodging and food for the donor when necessary.
-Continuous support from the donor before, during and after the donation cycle.

Donor medical and psychological studies

The medical and psychological studies that the egg donor must perform will depend on the criteria of your doctor and the assisted reproduction clinic where you perform in vitro fertilization.

Communication with the donor

You will be able to communicate with the egg donor woman, to get to know her better and have more information elements to decide.


Egg donors for IVF and surrogacy.

At Lovely Donors you will find egg donors of open and known identity.

LOVELY DONORS is in charge of managing and coordinating the entire egg donation process. You only have to choose the donor.

Donors of different phenotypes

It is important that the donor shares some phenotypic characteristics with the future parents. Therefore, in our database, you will find donors with different phenotypes, in order to facilitate matching with future parents.

No waiting lists

The donors who offer to help you form your family are immediately available to carry out the studies requested by your doctor and start the egg donation process.

Direct communication with the donor

The future recipient parents of the donation, after seeing the complete history and photographs of the donor, will be able to contact her directly, in order to meet her and talk with her.

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