Agustina L.


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A message from Agustina to you:

I would love to help you have your son or daughter. I have decided to be an egg donor, because I love life, and I love helping others. I don't have children yet, but it is one of the most important dreams in my life, and I will fulfill it when I find the right partner. I know how important it is for a person to form a family, and that is why I want to be part of it. A big hug and I will be ready for people who need my help.

Do I tell you something about me? I really like to play soccer, and my favorite color is purple. I have light brown hair, and my eyes are green and change over time (eyes the color of the weather). I really like summer, doing sports and I love cooking.

If you are interested in my help, you just have to let me know and I will be there for you.


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